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Need a Hebron Basement Remodeling expert in Hebron, Illinois? Look no further. A finished basement is often the most economical way to add more space to your home. After all, the space is already down there – just waiting for you to take advantage of it. Whether you need your new Hebron Basement Remodel for entertaining, a playroom for the kids, or a place to retreat and tinker with your favorite hobby...the room you need is just a project away. We believe the process begins with our honesty, extends through our well-managed, clean and custom crafted Basement Remodeling, and results in your satisfaction of a finished Basement remodel in Hebron, Illinois.

Remodeling your basement in Hebron is one of the easiest ways to add extra space and value to your home. A finished basement remodeling project in Hebron can be the start you need to create a place where you can entertain your family and friends. Consider putting in a recreation room which could include a pool table, ping pong table, pinball machine, and/or dartboard. It is also an area for entertainment with such amenities as: A big screen TV, Hi-Fi stereo system including surround sound and maybe a wet bar. All of our Hebron Basement Remodeling projects are custom designed to your specifications. If you can think of it, we can build it.

Basement Remodeling in Hebron is considered by many as an investment in your home’s value. While we agree on a financial level, we believe that a new Hebron Basement is more of an investment in your family’s future. Why go through the pain and expense of a major Hebron Basement remodeling project if you only intend to sell your home soon after? Instead, remodel your Basement in Hebron, Illinois for your own enjoyment. Wouldn't you rather enjoy the new space and amenities now and for years to come?

Hebron IL Basement Remodeling - Home Improvement choices

With over 15 years of Hebron Basement remodeling experience, Our Hebron Basement Remodeling experts understand that the Basement can be an important part of the home.

No matter what lifestyle revolves around your Basement, Our Hebron Basement Remodeling service at Fredrick Lee wants to help you make it a place that...you want to spend your time in.

We understand that a Basement Renovation can cover a variety of topics from remodeling an existing Hebron Basement that is completely unfinished... or to achieve a more updated look by updating individual aspects such as Flooring and Tile, or even a complete Painting or Drywall overhaul

When our Hebron Basement remodelers embark on a Hebron Basement or Home improvement project, we take into account the existing structural elements in your Basement such as walls, beams, plumbing and overall design to improve your particular style.

Basement Remodel, Home Improvement, Design and Planning in Hebron, IL

Just starting out your Hebron Basement Remodeling Project? If so, it's easy to understand that the first step for us is working with you on your custom Basement design. The Basement design can involve Room Additions, Windows, Doors, Painting and Drywall, and even a complete Basement makeover. The design aspect is an important step for our Basement remodeling installers in Hebron, Illinois because we strive to work with you to create a Basement that reflects your taste and personality.

We have been in the Hebron IL Basement Remodeling business for years and have witnessed the Basement’s transformation. Unfinished Basements or now an integral part of any Hebron Home Remodeling or Home Improvement project. Linoleum floors have given way to cork, laminate, ceramic tile, and stone. Solid wood cabinets and granite countertops for a Basement Bar are all the rage and will never go out of style due to their beauty and natural appeal.

Hebron Basement Remodeling in Hebron, IL is one of choices

Unique cabinetry is a wonderful way to spice up the bar area or downstairs Hebron Basement. You can have custom cabinets in the your Hebron Basement or Bathroom Remodel, entertainment area, and any other place you have built in storage.

Custom build-ins are also a great option for your upcoming Hebron Basement Remodeling project. People love making their basement the 'hang out' area, and custom entertainment shelves are always a smart idea. You can store tons of games, movies, books, toys, and even collectibles in a custom build-in.

Fireplaces installed in your Hebron Basement Remodel is always an option. Now you can even design your own mantel and fireplace downstairs. We all know how cold and damp a basement can feel, and a fireplace is bound to keep things cozy. Windows are a wonderful addition if your space allows this option. Most basements are not entirely underground, and a window or two can surely brighten the area up. We can add windows in the main living area as part of your Hebron Basement Remodeling idea.

Wet bars and wine cellars are something every Hebron Basement Remodeling project can entertain. The basement is a place to hang out and relax. What better way than having a bar or wine cellar? Now the kids can relax in the entertainment area while you grab a drink at your own bar.

At Fredrick Lee, our Hebron Basement Remodeling services can help you decide how your new basement can best meet your needs. Whether for a growing family, who is not yet ready to move, or for families just looking for extra space, we can help you gain additional room at minimum expense. But you don't have to stop with the basics. Today's basements can be converted to rooms as elegant and open as any in your primary living spaces.

Since we’ve been serving Hebron, IL, Basement Remodeling has never been so popular. Homeowners are realizing just how much time the family spends in this room and they are responding by turning to us.

Hebron Basement Remodeling can involve several processes including the initial consultation, working with you to design the space, demolition, ordering appliances, picking out materials such as countertops, tiles, window coverings and wood for the cabinets, plumbing, flooring, cabinetry, picking out new appliances, electrical work, drywall, painting, and wallpapering.

Hebron Basement Remodeling is a big job, and we're prepared to handle it.

When embarking on your new Hebron Basement Remodeling project, many homeowners don’t know quite what to expect. As soon as the demolition begins, the anxiety level rises. We understand this. After all, your home is in a state of transformation and this stage is not pretty. We’ve helped many Hebron Home Improvement clients get through Basement remodeling and we will do the same for you. One of the best ways to alleviate anxiety is through communication and advanced preparation. We’ll let you know what to expect. From start to finish, you will be informed every step of the way. In addition, we’ll share handy tips to help you survive your time without a functional Basement in your home.

As one of Hebron Basement remodeling experts, we have earned a reputation for quality workmanship and customer loyalty. No job is too big for us, nor is any job too small. Whether you want to update your Basement’s look with new countertops or Basement cabinets or want to completely renovate your Basement space, we are eager to please. Let us put our skills to work for you.

Basement Design & Home Improvement Tips & Ideas in Hebron Illinois

Not sure how you want your Basement Remodeling Project in Hebron to look? Perhaps you're not sure if you want to remodel your Basement in Hebron, IL at all. If you are looking to remodel your Basement and are thinking about contacting our Hebron Basement Remodeling installers, it is a good idea to have an idea of the type of Basement design style that you want to achieve. But don't worry! We are always happy to offer onsite Basement Remodeling ideas in Hebron, Illinois and surrounding areas.

  • Wet and Dry Bars - are common Basement Remodeling ideas
  • Kitchens and Kitchenettes - a great way to add more room for the Chef of the house
  • Playrooms or Play areas for the kids! - Great fun for everyone and
  • Exercise Room in the Basement - Stop spending all that money on Fitness Clubs
  • Spas and Saunas - Need we say more?
  • Theater Rooms - Enjoy your favorite movies in style
  • Stages and Dance Floors - Get your groove on at home...instead of the Club!
  • Walk-out Patios and Terraces - Create that relaxing space that you always wanted
  • Basement Laundry Rooms - Free up space in the rest of your home
  • Game Rooms and Billiard Rooms - Pinball, Arcade games, and more
  • Wine Rooms - Display and store your wine in the proper temperature

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We will keep you informed and up-to-date with every detail of your project. We provide an easier, smoother, and more cost-effective remodel. If you are serious about finding the best in quality and innovation at a price you can afford, Fredrick Lee Basement Remodeling is the basement finishing company for you.

While reviewing your Hebron Basement Remodeling project, Our core value is always honesty. This is the essence of our free estimate, which can only be determined honestly when we know your vision and bring our experience to bear on determining costs. We believe in a quality team of carpenters and realistic timelines. Our satisfaction guarantee includes eliminating any need to come back and fix something right after we leave, and it includes delivering your fantastic new Hebron Basement on-budget. Why? Because we rigorously plan all phases of the project, and make certain you know what is next.

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