Experience the Fredrick Lee Difference
The McHenry Remodeling Experts

For over 15 years, Fredrick Lee Remodeling has been helping McHenry County homeowners remodel and renovate their homes to better serve their needs, enhance their lifestyles and make them fall in love with their homes all over again. Using our exclusive remodeling programs that have been developed and refined over many years and hundreds of projects, Fredrick Lee Remodeling will make your home that special place where memories are made and cherished. Fredrick Lee Remodeling is committed to making sure your home is designed to make you happy and that your project runs smoothly and the process is both pleasant and satisfying.

We have provided quality design/build remodeling and renovation services to McHenry County residents for over 15 years. We take special pride in the thoughtfulness, responsiveness and innovation of our design work as well as the high quality of materials, products, craftsmanship and personal service we provide our clients. Turning spare rooms into cozy personal spaces…adding or remodeling a bathroom or kitchen…building an addition…remodeling an entire home or simply creating the space you are looking for. We can turn the house you have into the home you want; a home designed and remodeled to make you happy.

You can trust that our experienced team of skilled craftsmen, project managers, designers, as well as our exclusive programs, will all help make sure that your project is conceived, designed, planned and built in the way best suited for you and within the agreed budget and time frame.

Fredrick Lee Remodeling provides expert design & build remodeling including:

  • Pre-project feasibility studies and costing
  • Homeowner orientation to the remodeling process
  • Architectural design Interior design
  • Engineering Site planning and preparation
  • Space and work flow planning
  • All permitting and inspections
  • Protection of your existing home and contents
  • Coordination with neighbors & Associations
  • Turnkey construction and quality control from start to finish
  • Project management and supervision
  • Our exclusive remodeling programs
  • Post-project follow-up

Our Team of Professionals

Not everyone in the industry has what it takes to meet our high professional standards. Every member of the Fredrick Lee team is carefully hired and trained on an ongoing basis to provide our clients the highest quality, craftsmanship and customer service possible. Our average team member has over 15 years of proven experience in the industry.

Our Materials and Products

Fredrick Lee wants you to have a beautiful and satisfying project that is both stunning and durable. Equally important to many families today is the use of products that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Whenever possible, Fredrick Lee uses energy efficient lighting and controls, tankless water heaters, high efficiency air conditioning and heating, double glass windows with low E, formaldehyde free insulation, water filtration systems, building products with recycled materials, and products that are friendlier to our environment. Many of these items not only save you money on your utilities but help to reduce global warming.

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